This page details the number of troops, arms, and war vehicles available in each settlement or to each faction. This does not include player-owned vehicles.

The Citadel Edit

Between 150-200 War Boys (they live a very short half-life)

3 War Rigs

20 Hot Rods

11 Moto-bikes

Gas Town Edit

75 Roughnecks

40 Rig Pigs

1 War Rig

22 Hot Rods

8 Moto-bikes

Bullet Farm Edit

55 Bullet Farmers

90 Miners

1 War Rig

12 Hot Rods

18 Moto-bikes

Bartertown Edit

30 Bronzers

9 Hot Rods

The Reservoir Edit

120 Damned

80 Literati

The Sunken City Edit

100 Buzzards

12 Hot Rods

7 Moto-bikes

Rock Rider Canyon Edit

60 Rock Riders

2 Hot Rods

22 Moto-bikes

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