The Bullet Farm is the major supplier of ammunition and firearms in the Wasteland.

Location Edit

The Bullet Farm is located northeast of The Citadel. The settlement is centered upon an old lead mine.

History Edit

The site of the Bullet Farm was abandoned when Immortan Joe's gang of ex-military marauders discovered it. After taking the Citadel, Joe sent his trusted subordinate Maj. Kalashnikov to take control of the site and restart the mining operation. The Major's efforts were so successful that it was remarked that the old mine had become a regular bullet farm, giving the settlement its name and its ruler the title of the Bullet Farmer.

Layout Edit


Inhabitants Edit

The Bullet Farmers are the descendants of the original followers of Immortan Joe that took control of the old mine and founded the ammunition manufacturing operation to keep the war band armed. They also include several gunsmiths among their ranks that repair and refurbish firearms. The Miners actually operate the lead mine in return for protection by the Bullet Farmers, using the local refugee population for labor to undertake the most dangerous parts of the mining and ore processing operation.

Resources Edit

In a world where most individuals have to think very carefully before firing a gun and using up scarce supplies of ammunition, the Bullet Farmers can afford to shoot first and ask questions later. They also tend to keep the best weapons seized from enemies or repaired by their gunsmiths for themselves. The Miners produce the lead plates necessary to refurbish vehicle batteries.

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