This list is for all characters that are being actively played, have been previously played, or are established and open, and who plays them. Alternate characters will have the name of the player's primary character beside their name. Please sort your character by region and tribe.

The Citadel Edit

Vuvalini Edit

War Boys Edit

The Wretched Edit

The Badlands Edit

Rock Riders Edit

Buzzards Edit

The Reservoir Edit

The Damned Edit

The Literati Edit

The Wretched Edit

Bullet Farm Edit

Bullet Farmers Edit

Miners Edit

The Wretched Edit

Gas Town Edit

Roughnecks Edit

Rig Pigs Edit

The Wretched Edit

Bartertown Edit

Bronzers Edit

Tradesmen Edit

Swineherds Edit

The Wretched Edit

Criminals Edit

Nomads Edit

Grave Robbers Edit

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